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Please enter an email address and create a STRONG password. Your data is valuable so please take password creation and use seriously. The email address and password you use will enable you to log into the Hallamshire Harriers Platform and manage your and multiple other memberships.

All Hallamshire Harriers Memberships renew on the 1st January each year irrespective of when you join the club. The membership fee is a fixed fee and covers where applicable the cost of registration with England Athletics. Please note that in the event of you leaving the club before the renewal date no refund will be given.
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Hallamshire Harriers Sheffield is a club for all, irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, religion or political view

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We ask the question because a number of organisations, including Sheffield Council and UK Athletics require us, on occasion, to demonstrate that we do not discriminate against any group. We have always welcomed all athletes, from any background, and are proud to stand by that ethic.

HHS is keen to provide opportunity for athletes of all abilities and disabilities to enjoy their sport and improve their standards: but we must remember that athletics can be an exerting and testing sport. To ensure the best possible care can be made available, we need to know of all circumstances which might affect performance or induce an adverse physical reaction during a training session or event. All information notified will be held in the strictest confidence, and only made available to those with direct responsibility for the athlete.

Are there any medical issues, including allergies, the club need to be aware of?

I give my consent that in an emergency situation, the club may act in my place (loco parentis), if the need arises for the administration of emergency first aid and/or other medical treatment which, in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, may be necessary. I also understand that in such an occurrence all reasonable steps will be taken to contact me using the emergency telephone numbers provided in this form.

All members aged 11 and over wishing to enter formal competition under the banner of HHS must be affiliated to England Athletics. By requesting to be registered, you confirm that you are eligible to compete under UK Athletics Rules.

This information is collected in line with current clubmark and safeguarding requirements. Please hi-light which days of the week you train and select the coach that you train with from the drop down menu.

Do you attend weekly training sessions?

Are you, or have you, ever been a member of another athletics club?

First Claim: When an athlete signs up for a club they automatically become a first claim member of it. There is one exception to this relating to athletes still at school. In this case the school always has first claim on their services. Other than that an athlete becomes a first claim member of the first club they join. It is actually possible to be a first claim member of two clubs at the same time. If the original club does not cater for all the disciplines of athletics, athletes can become first claim members of another club purely for those disciplines not covered. For example, if the club ‘A’ participated only in track & field, an athlete who wished to compete in road or cross-country events as well could join another club ‘B’ for that reason. He or she would then be first claim to club ‘A’ for track & field only and to club ‘B’ for road and cross-country.

Second Claim: An athlete may join more than one club. For a variety of reasons (which could include social or coaching). Athletes could then compete for their ‘second claim’ club, when not required by their ‘first claim’ club, but only in competitions that permit this. Some leagues, for instance, specify that participation is restricted to first claim members only, but there are some competitions that allow second claim members to take part. This is different to the case above where an athlete can be a first claim member of two clubs for different disciplines. An athlete could compete for their second claim club in the same disciplines as for their first claim club in competitions where second claim members are accepted.

The club relies on its Coaches, Technical Officials and Administrators to function. This is why special membership rates apply for those who are prepared to give of their time to the Club in these areas. Please tell us of any graded athletics qualifications you have. If you are considering acquiring or improving grades, the Club may be able to assist with funding if there is a commitment to give service to the club in an area required. Contact the Coaching& Development Officer for details.

I agree to be bound by the HH Codes of Conduct and Equity Statement.

I understand that in the event of injury or illness all reasonable steps will be taken to contact your declared next of kin, and that any injury/illness will be dealt with taking into consideration any medical information you have given.

I accept that personal data will be held securely in a database of club members. It may be used by the club and/or England Athletics for club administration purposes (please note EA is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998).

Authorised photographers may be used by the club to take pictures of HH members taking part in events for publicity and promotional purposes (e.g. club newsletters/HHS website/local newspaper).

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